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Time Gods

A novel by Wayne Edward Boyd
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Projected Publication date: Spring 2011
Publisher: Atma Communications


Thursday, June 10, 2027

"Are we ready to dump the body?" Lobe asked.

Von Krod, a tall thin man with striking red hair, nodded as his chubby driver glanced at his Oyster-Perpetual Rolex watch. It was 11:03 PM.

Lobe pressed the automatic trunk release button and the two men emerged from the antique golden Rolls-Royce Phantom V parked at the back of the vacant lot. Stepping to the rear of the vehicle, they raised a heavy burlap sack tied to a cinder block and hoisted it over the guard rail. Dropping it into the East River in the Bronx they quickly returned to the Rolls and drove away.

Paul McPherson awoke and found himself in water, sinking rapidly. He struggled to free himself from the confines of the burlap sack, but could not. Panic overwhelmed him as he settled on the muddy bottom. His automatic reflexes screamed for him to breathe. He could no longer hold his breath. In one final gulp he felt the water enter his lungs and he remembered nothing after that.

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366 pages, 58 Chapters, 4 Parts!

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