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Time Gods

A novel by Wayne Edward Boyd
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Publication date: Spring 2011
Publisher: Atma Communications

"For us physicists, the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion."
- Albert Einstein


Fasten your seatbelt for a globe trotting adventure from New York to the Bahamas, from Area 51 to the Oval Office, and from Europe to the Himalayas in a race to preserve the future of mankind.

When a professor from the year 2075 steals a time machine, he travels back in time and entices the leaders of 1966 with secrets of future technology.

Meanwhile, Paul McPherson, a monk from 2027, is attacked in New York and wakes up in the hospital sixty-one years in the past. Falling in love with sixties anti-war hippie Mary Pierce, he realizes his assailants from the future are still pursuing him. Soon they kidnap Mary and his would-be grandparents. Now Paul must follow a trail which eventually leads him to the Himalayas, where the leaders of the world are about to meet.

Murder, political intrigue, and governmental cover-up pave the way to Time Gods' chilling and spectacular conclusion deep in a valley surrounded by towering peaks.

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366 pages, 58 Chapters, 4 Parts!

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